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Welcome to my Humble Abode.

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Hey do you like to play games or perhaps even just want to donate to a great cause? Go to this website and donate! Extra Life is a great way to help out kids in need and now is your chance to help! If you cant donate try streaming or even creating a page to help raise awareness!

I've been looking around at the different websites here and have been getting some ideas on what to add to this website. I built this site primarily to help people understand me and a little bit about my past for when I start my YouTube and Twitch back up but I will definitely be expanding this site for other uses as well. If you have any suggestions please let me know, I'm also up for suggestions on how to improve my current page.


This is going to be where I list my updates. in a #.#.# format. first number being major site update version. second number will be a page major update the third being a page minor update. I will explain which page/pages were affected and may also use the 3rd character as multiple page updates if everything was minor.

12-2-2016 - Update: 1.1.1 - updated the page names for the anime and game page rather than having them named as favorites as well as shorten the Places page name also adding a TODO section that will be updated in a future update soon.

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