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Welcome to my "About Me."

I'm a gamer who is starting to stream, hoping to make it a career; not to make money, though it would be cool, but because I just love to play games and I would like to be able to share those experiences with others. While this is a new hobby and I have a lot of experimenting to do to get in a good groove and get streaming to be consistent, I've recently picked up another new hobby: Coding. I'll go into more details below about both of these hobbies but if you want to pick up these hobbies, I would really suggest trying them out.



I started streaming I believe it was last year. Not very often as I don't really have that great of equipment and haven't really had good internet either. It has been awhile since my Twitch channel has spoken a word and will be at least another 6 months. Unfortunately I'm not in a place I can stream, however internet conditions will be improving in that time frame, so I should be streaming again within the next year. Now I know it will be a long time before I start getting normal viewers, perhaps a couple years, but I can wait. I'm in no rush, and I know it will feel great down the road, when I become a decent streamer and will be able to help smaller streamers, and be able to share my story and give advice I've been given as well as my own advice I learn over the next few years. That is one thing I do love about the streaming world as well, most people are here to help, whether it's streamer to streamer giving advice or even a viewer watching to get help with stuff. That's what I really love about smaller streamers who have ~200 viewers or less at a time, they are the ones where they have a good chat room where it's not going too fast and they can keep up with chat so they stay interactive instead of catching 1 out 30 comments and these streamers, in my opinion, are the best to try to interact with. Now of course that is all personal opinion but if you need someone to interact with and have no one in person to do it, go find a game you like to watch and get a streamer with some viewers but not too many and go interact with them. So I originally got inspiration for YouTube rather than streaming from one of my favorite YouTubers and he is also the one to hit 1 million of Twitch first, Syndicate. I had watched his videos since before he hit a million on YouTube and I was starting to get into Minecraft at this time. It wasn't his Minecraft Project that got me into Minecraft or YouTube, for him it was just his Goofiness that I liked because deep down that's how I am, and hopefully when I stream it'll come out. What actually got me into Minecraft was watching videos of Etho from Mindcrack, back when he was still a part of that team. I've watched every one of Etho's Minecraft Let's Play episodes and I had first started on Xbox 360. I played the demo a couple of times and didn't really care for it but a couple of weeks later someone told me to buy it and play it for 6 hours straight and that if I didn't like it they would pay me back. I had nothing to lose at that point so that night I went and bought and played it all night. I had created a world in creative fell in love with it. I told them they didn't have to pay me back and they smiled and went on their way for the day but that night as soon as I got on they invited me to their world and I was amazed. They had made an amusement park with roller coasters and everything but after that we had made a new world and created a city. A city with Massive Castles, with working cannons and weapons and made some roller coasters and transit systems and was a mash of time periods. At this time I had decided to make a survival world and I maintained it for a few updates. Every update would of course break stuff but one update broke all of the redstone so most of my stuff stopped working. I figured it would just be easier to start fresh than fix everything just for a new update to break it again. After a year or 2 of being alone I decided I wanted to try the PC version mainly because there was so much more stuff and a lot of the mechanics were cleaned up. I do play every once in a while on pc now but I've been busy with other games and just don't have the time for it right now but I'll pick it up again sometime. When I do start streaming this will be one of the games that I play however I'm not sure how often I will play it but if you would like to see my gameplay follow me on Twitch to know when I start again and go live


I started gaming at a young age and I still remember that time very, very long ago; standing in Walmart in the game section watching my dad pick up a N64 off the shelf. This is one of the few fond memories of my early childhood. The first game I remember playing was actually NASCAR '99 for this system, and essentially kicked off both my gaming and racing career. My Dad is and was a NASCAR fanatic; I don't believe he is as into it as he was back when Dale Earnhardt Sr. was alive, that was who my dad loved. While I was huge into NASCAR, my favorite parts were the crashes, of course who's isn't? It wasn't to see people be hurt but it poses strategy for racers such as whether they should pit or gain a lot of positions. My love for racing actually lies in street racing which is where Midnight Club and my favorite racing Franchise: Need for Speed, comes in. I've played Need for Speed Porches Unleashed and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 however my love for the Franchise really kicked off with Most Wanted and Carbon. These are still to this day my favorite racing games and I have so many good memories from these games and have beaten them many times. In my opinion though none of the NFS games have been as good as these were. Now don't get me wrong I know physics have changed and probably for the better but the physics these games have and the stories they brought and mashed together was amazing. I also know that Forza and games similar are great games but I just haven't had the same thrill and enjoyment as I did back then. I do like street racing more than track racing mainly because the traffic adds difficulty and with making you having to think quick about how dodge cars in front of you in keeps your mind off of where your opponents are behind you or how close you are to the finish which I like, it keeps my mind very busy.


Now going back to the N64, which by the way is still in lovely working order, I'll go over some of the games I have for it. I do have quite a few Mario games for it such as Mario Kart, the 3 Mario Party games, Super Mario 64, Dr. Mario, Super Smash Bros. and a few others. I remember coming home from school sometimes, putting in a Mario Party game and just letting the computers play then take a nap just because I wanted to see which computer would win. I would of course turn the TV off so my parents didn't know it was on and shut it off on me. Some other games I have are Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2, Yoshi's Story, Hot Wheels, as well as a few others. I'm not going to go over all of them but these were the games I played the most. I never actually owned 007 like most people but believe me I had my fair share of playing. I also would have liked to get both Pokémon stadium games, however I couldn't get my hands on them as a child, unfortunately, however I've played a lot out of both of these games. My cousins and I would play them for hours at a time.


After the N64 era was the good old PS2. (Trust me; I still play the N64 now and then) The PS2, one of the greatest consoles of all time, introduced me into my other favorite franchise: Final Fantasy. I received the PS2 for Christmas about a year after it came out, the time they had made the improvements needed but was still the hefty brick I loved. The first Final Fantasy game I played was Final Fantasy X. I had played it at my cousin's house and nearly instantly fell in love with it. Every time I was at his house we would take 2 hour turns and I played this every time until I beat it. At about the time I was about to beat it my cousin was playing the PS version of VII. He took such good care of that no matter what I did he refused to let me play it. He knew that at that point it was rare and I'm sure is even more of a treasure than back then. While I haven't played through all of FF VII or VIII I have looked into the stories and even with VII I have seen Advent Children which is actually one of my favorite movies. I am slowly getting through VII and VIII on steam however I will probably halt VII until the remake comes out which I am very stoked for. I haven't played IX however I've watched a full play through on YouTube. Now with this next title I may get some hate for, but I don't really care. My favorite Final Fantasy Title so far is XIII, but not for XIII itself, the series. XIII-2 is actually my favorite so far and Lightning's Return is close as well. Both of these are very great games but I'm sure most people didn't give it a try because they hated XIII, which I can understand as it was very linear and they don't like the auto battle, which doesn't have to be used. I didn't always use it but most of the time I did just to get through the battle. It actually took me 3 play throughs to get through 13 but both XIII-2 and Lightning's Return I 100% completed. I'm very excited to see what XV has in store for everyone and I can't wait to see the story. Moving on to the next game which has similarities and is another favorite that actually got me into Disney is Kingdom Hearts, and it is finally getting another console release. I actually didn't think I would like it at first since I did see that it had Disney but I tried it because I had seen the Final Fantasy characters, as well as Nightmare before Christmas and as soon as I played I fell in love. I haven't been able to play all the games in the series and I don't know the entire story but I have seen story reviews and gameplays so I have seen most of the story. I have however spent countless hours trying to go look up the story and refresh myself on it for the upcoming title.


Oh the lovely Xbox, What fond memories... with this console I was introduced to some great franchises. One of them being my old favorite shooter and franchise that pretty much created the Xbox: Halo. When I was first introduced to the series Halo 3 was the first one I played and was almost instantly hooked. My cousin and I would play through the campaign over and over again with different modifiers and make our own challenges and shenanigans as well as play multiplayer, custom games and my favorite mode; Forge. I've made quite a few maps in Reach, mainly racetracks and running maps AKA Indiana Jones maps. I had been told by an old friend I played Halo with that he seen one of my maps modified a little bit and uploaded onto YouTube claimed as their own making. I never found out if it was true or not as they would not give me the channel name so probably not true at all but a bit inspiring. I was never good at making smooth race tracks instead I would make more of obstacle courses and to me was just as fun as the fast paced smooth tracks. I would always try to include every part of the map and some even included out of bounds areas or underwater areas. I could never find a lot of uses for the hangar but I would mainly use it for either starting the map or a maze area however a couple of my maps went beyond the wall and used the out of bounds area which was cool it was like a very tight rock cave but had to be very careful as the kill boundary was very close to the useable area. Some of the minigames I made were just basically remakes of minigames that were uploaded and used for personal stuff I never uploaded them unless I had not seen them before then such as a slide I made. I had made 2 zombie mode slides where the zombie is at the bottom trying to kill players in vehicles. I had seen a basic version of it but I made it so people can't return to the vehicle area or stay in there, they only had 10 seconds to start sliding. I had also added layers of teleporters because when 1 set is busy others would just slide through and die. I had made one version that was a very tight space and one with a very large space which was funny to watch because you couldn't exactly judge where the vehicle would go once flipping. the skinny one however people would go very fast and explode on the ceiling despite having a lot of room before hitting the ceiling and even sometimes glitch through the ceiling to the very top of the map. (on the roof that I couldn't raise any higher) During Halo Reach was my prime time for multiplayer, while I wouldn't say I was great I did win a couple tournaments and came very close in others. Swat and Grifball were my 2 best modes with Infection being another one I played often but only to mess around in. I actually had pulled off something that was hilarious and would have gotten me the achievement "Totally Worth It" however it was not out at the time I had pulled this off. I was playing Team Slayer on The Cage and a person left before the game started so it turned out to be 3v4 well we started winning and about half way through the game I started wondering where everyone was. Well I pulled up the list of names to see my last teammate leave and it turning out to be 3v1. So I decided to start playing hide and seek and was in the tower but I noticed them start running my way and went out the right side to the top bridge. I went into that window area right before the long path to the tower and seen that all three of them were looking for me from the tower. I decided to throw a plasma grenade over to the tower not thinking it would actually reach. I don't think they seen the plasma grenade because they sniped me when it was about halfway there and it landed right in the middle of that area and so unexpectedly I got a triple kill from the grave. I was about to quit before that had happened but I just got a slightly bigger margin from their score catching up to me. The game ended with me hiding in the tower up top I was so surprised I had won that game I recorded the game from the time my partner left and had it on my file share as well as a replay of the triple kill. It has since been taken down but it is a feat that I won't forget anytime soon. The other story is back from my tournament days I was playing multiplayer Swat with one of my teammates on Asylum and I was going through one of the tunnels and an enemy was about 10 feet behind shooting at me missing like a Pleb and I went to turn around to get him but noticed my teammate had killed him well my trigger finger went to fire so I turned toward the right to shoot the wall instead and the bullet bounced off the wall and hit my teammate. I was so upset but amazed too that even though I tried to save her from dying I still managed to shoot her. I had showed her the replay and she was no longer mad, she was surprised too and still to this day laugh about the funny stuff we pulled off in our games. I do still have all of the FPS Halo games to date and I really commend Bungie for making such an amazing Franchise and I'm glad that 343 has had the ability to keep it going. I don't believe it is as good as it used to be but I also don't have the room to judge it as I haven't given it the proper amount of time. Speaking of Bungie however, this brings me to my other favorite Shooter but with an MMO styled system; Destiny. Destiny has a very small but powerful and proud audience, very needy though. So I tried Destiny because I thought it looked a lot like Halo and it looked very fun. Now everyone knows how disappointing year 1 Destiny was or at least at release. I'll be honest I didn't spend a whole lot of time on the game and was only playing for a couple weeks then quit because I got bored and had played everything multiple times. It was the Taken King that got me back into Destiny I had seen the great potential the game had at release but it was just a jumbled mess of barely anything. I knew that if they had cleaned the game up and added content that the game had a chance to be amazing and since the plot was basically empty I had wondered what was really going on and thought something in the story was happening that was never explained. I had played year 1 on the Xbox 360 as I hadn't been able to get any new gen consoles. I'll be bringing this up again later when I get to the PS4 to speak about how awesome year 2 was.


The Xbone was the first of the current gen consoles I bought; the PS4 was the second then the Wii U. I am listing these consoles in order that I received them however this list doesn't include a story about all the other consoles I've had, only the major ones that I play/played. I'll make a paragraph for these consoles later. I mainly bought this console because of Halo and Forza. At the time I was still really into Halo and was excited for Halo 4, however I was a little disappointed with it. Halo 5 was the same way, however I think it was better than Halo 4. I do like what they have done with the series, but I miss how it used to be. That isn't Halo's fault though, I'm not as into shooters as I used to be. I'm also not into racing like I used to be either, however I've been wanting to play a racing game lately. The 2 Need for Speed games that I loved the most, I haven't quite met a racing game to meet my expectations quite like these ones, and it's probably more of my opinion. Need for Speed Most Wanted and Carbon are my favorite mainly because I haven't seen such a complete package of a racing game as them. They have great cars, good physics, awesome stories, cops, open world free roam, great customization and well street racing. While I would love to see amazing graphics for a game with better graphics come less content and I'm ok with any franchise taking a little bit away from graphics to pull off an amazing game and it really is a very fine line, especially depending on the genre like RPG games.


I bought this console for 3 main reasons, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Destiny. Now I know a lot of people aren't into these franchises but these are 3 of my favorite, FF and KH being my favorite RPG franchises and Destiny being my favorite shooter. As I mentioned before, for Destiny, I had played a little bit when it came out and well that was about it, at least until the Taken King came out that is. When it first came out I was a little worried because I remembered how bad the game was at launch, broken with a non-existent story. My roommate (at the time) and I had played it at launch and even went to the midnight release for year 1 and he had bought the Taken King the day it came out but and decided to give it a try. I had watched him for a couple hours over the next day and asked if he liked it and he loved it and told me to get it as soon as possible. I trusted his decision and got it and since I played year 1 on Xbox I was starting from scratch. He had picked to be a Titan so I went with Hunter again and within a few days seeing all of the improvements this game quickly became my favorite shooter. We may never actually know the true reason as to why Bungie decided to scrap the old story because from what I've heard that it would have been it still sounds like it would have been an amazing story. I would have liked to learn the story of the crow, the original plot line for the Dreadnought, and the Traveler being evil. (Probably still is) As far as the Taken King patch goes I really only need to work on my Titan with Rise of Iron out now I need to work on all 3 of them and need to catch up. I actually read yesterday that heroic mode for the new raid was beaten but didn't get to see the details. I haven't been able to get all that great in multiplayer, I'm ok, but not great. I haven't been able to get to the Lighthouse or anything like that though I have been 2 games away and lose. Destiny has a huge amount of lore and trying to know every little detail is a very hard feat to do with the amount of lore there is. I've spent countless hours just on YouTube looking up lore about the game and that isn't even including trying to dig up stuff about the game. Now if you just play the game you won't get a whole lot of lore, you will get the main story line and that's about it, most of the lore comes from linking the game with the grimoire cards and other lore provided online. When I am able to play again I need to go ghost hunting again so that I can unlock most of the grimoire cards and read through them. I like reading the lore mainly because it can give you more back story as to why the enemies are doing what they are doing or why this mission is happening and many other things about the game are more interesting when you know details about everything instead of just do this, kill this, mission over. Now I know this game isn't for everyone and has a very small audience but this next game had this Franchises own fans upset at least most of them but I actually loved this Title and is my favorite title series in this franchise and the game is Final Fantasy XIII. I love the XIII series, while the first game wasn't the best of the three I do like it and I have completed all 3 of them, I 100% completed the second and third one. I won't complete the first one 100% mainly because I'm not going to go and collect all of the weapons. It actually took me 3 run through's to finally beat XIII because I did get a little bored and new games came out so I would switch to them. I do love the XIII series but I don't just judge a game by gameplay if it isn't only about gameplay. XIII does have an amazing story and the gameplay is a lot better in XIII-2 and Lightning's return. I planned on beating the whole series again but was interrupted after beating the first one so I haven't had a chance to beat the other 2 yet. I also haven't played all of the FF games and may never have that chance, however I will try to. I've played: Tactics, 7, 8, 10, Type-0, 13, 13-2, and 13-3. I did play 10-2 for a little bit but couldn't figure out the dress sphere system as a kid so I didn't play it all the way through. I also haven't played 9 or 12 but I have seen full play throughs on all 3 games and do love the stories. Another franchise that is having a new game coming soon and one that stars the FF characters is Kingdom Hearts, a childhood favorite. My cousin had ended up introducing me to this franchise and I still love it to this day.

Misc. Consoles

So I'll go ahead and mention some of the consoles I have/had, that has played more of a minor role in my gaming life and those were: GameCube, Wii U, DS, and Gameboy Color. The Gameboy Color was something that brought a lot of fun to my childhood, unfortunately though I no longer have it. It was lost a long time ago, I do however still have a couple of the games like Pokémon yellow gold and silver. I had a few other games as well but they have been lost over the years. The Nintendo DS was pretty fun, I had the original red DS and had gotten Most Wanted for it and the last race with Razer was a giant pain, took me forever to beat and even then was less than a car length. The only reason I won was because he ended up hitting a car giving me a huge lead, at least for a little bit. I had a few other games like Mario Kart and stuff for it but I no longer have it, as it was stolen long ago and I never figured out where or what happened. Next up is the GameCube; I've only had a few games for it but my 2 most favorite games for it were SSB: Melee and Mario Kart Double Dash. Melee is the game that I started using sword users more and Fox less; I started using Marth the most. In the current version I mainly use Corrin and have Marth and Robyn as my backups. Double Dash was pretty fun and was the only Mario Kart I didn't use Yoshi as my main character, mainly because of the specials. I mainly used Toadette in this game and swapped secondary characters depending on which special I wanted to get. Most Mario games if Yoshi is a playable character I will use Yoshi because Yoshi is awesome. I've also played a couple of the Mario Party games outside of the first 3 but I'm familiar with the ones after 3. This brings me to the Wii U, I currently have 4 games for it; SSB Mario Kart, Splatoon and Pokken Tournament. I haven't played these games much at all, most I've played is SSB and even then most of that was on the 3DS version. I haven't had this 3DS for very long, it's actually the Fire Emblem Fates version which looks pretty cool. I've beaten Birthright, working on the last mission of Conquest and need to start Revelation. Some other Consoles I've played but never owned were the Atari, SNES, Xbox, PS and Wii.


I started coding mid to late September around my birthday. I have been using Codecademy to learn HTML and CSS as well as I had started JavaScript but I decided it would be best to take it slower and teach myself more about HTML and use it to memorize the language. I didn't get through JavaScript nearly as fast as HTML and CSS as I quit halfway through JavaScript being a week into it and HTML and CSS I finished in 3 or 4 days. I'm going to work on JavaScript after I finish building this site and probably update the website as I can. I started coding for 2 reasons; it's always intrigued me how people can make such beautiful things like websites, programs, games and many other things. ever since I learned what coding actually was I've wanted to learn however I've never had a pc to look up and learn how to do it. My second reason was that If streaming and making videos doesn't turn out to be enough to keep me financially stable then hopefully I could take up coding for a career. I would like to do game programming but I know it is very complex and will require a lot of learning to do, but I'll keep it in mind and work toward it. So what actually got me to learn was my supervisor told me he would do it at work in his spare time so I figured I should find something to do in my spare time and what better time to learn? He asked if i had ever coded before and said no and he went on with his morning and when he had a minute he told me to come over to his desk, so I did and he had shown me a project he was working on. He had been working on a Tetris remake in JavaScript and HTML. He then sent me a link to Neocities and he told me I should make a website. He then sent me a link to W3Schools however that was just examples; I found Codecademy after another coworker said he was looking into the same stuff however he had already started. If you would like to start coding I would really suggest checking out the mentioned site. I do still look up how to do stuff like this blue border which was made totally accidently but looked cool so I went with it. Start with something easy like HTML to get your mind in the coding mindset and go on from there. It can be pretty fun and I would like to be able to practice and make some good stuff.


There's a bit of gear that a streamer should have to have the full works; a beast of a PC, Mic, Headphones, software, camera, mouse, and keyboard. I already have a good Mic, the Yeti. I don't use it often since I haven't been able to stream but my equipment is getting better. I have decent Turtle Beaches but I'm looking to get some Astros not sure if I want the A40s or A50s but I'll figure it out when the time comes. As far as mouse and keyboard goes, I'm probably going to go with the Naga Chroma, Blackwidow Chroma and the Firefly mousepad. I plan on getting a tower soon with a 1080 in it however I'm not sure when I will be able to. When I do I'll get a webcam and I want to try to get 2 monitors as well to make it a lot easier to keep an eye on the video software and game instead of having to switch between them. I also still have to get furniture such as a desk and chair but those can wait for now but I want one big enough to have enough room and not be too cluttered. I would like to get the DX racer chair because I do know how comfy they really are though they are a little expensive, totally worth every penny.

My Weirdness

So if you guys ever see my streams or hear me talk, you may notice that hey I'm really socially awkward and/or not very talkative, or something like, hey I don't English. I think that there are a couple things to do with it such as depression possible A.D.D. and well it's just how I grew up. I actually mix up words and interrupt my own sentences sometimes because I think faster than I talk. I never related to any groups in school either, so I had very few friends and most of them came and went, mainly just had acquaintances. I would occasionally get some close friends, but even most of them just came and went eventually. I have a friend who I talk to every once in a while but he was the one who actually introduced me to anime other than DBZ. He first introduced me to Naruto because back then he was obsessed with ninjas and this anime was amazing. We met when I was very young and played together almost every day. We lived 3 houses apart at the time so if he wasn't coming to my house I was going to his house and do all sorts of random things. as we grew up we moved further and further apart and got to the point we would only see each other once a month or 2 sadly until he moved to TX. We would still watch Naruto and he was actually the one who taught me to use chopsticks as well. While he has beaten me to the streaming world I would like to help him get bigger, I have watched him a few times though I never told him it was me and I don't think he has figured it out yet. My depression I've had for a long time, as long as I can remember, it comes and goes and does hit me hard sometimes. For those of you who have/had depression, I know the pain, you know the pain but believe me, it will get better. The feeling of not wanting to do anything because it doesn't interest you or being interested in anything is real but not everyone gets depression and those people are lucky. I do say that however in a way I'm glad I do just because I know I wouldn't be the same person without and neither would most of my friends. I've never really been diagnosed with depression or A.D.D. by a Dr. but it's not really something a Dr. has to tell you that you have, the symptoms are plain as day. As far as A.D.D. goes Gaming seems to be the thing that can keep me concentrated on things pretty well so I use it as my escape. Over time I've been able to control my depression a lot better than I used to but there are still times it gets the best of me. I will give a warning that I do tend to hide my feeling and thoughts from most people and I keep to myself a lot but its better that way. I do try to be friendly and nice but I can also be the opposite, and if people don't like that then I'm ok with that and you don't have to interact with me. Don't be coming into my streams though trash talking streamers or viewers and expect me to be ok with it. If they show they don't like it then don't do it and don't do it if they aren't there to defend themselves. Also don't trash talk games, giving opinions is ok but don't go into a stream just to say you don't like the game, if you don't like the game then don't watch it, it is a simple concept which also leads me to say I will play what game I want, I'm not going to switch a game just because people don't like it, I'm not going to please everyone by playing every game.

I've been looking around at the different sites on here and have been getting ideas on what to add to this site. I built this site mainly to help people understand me when I start YouTube and Twitch but I will definately be expanding this for other uses as well. If you have any suggestions please let me know, I'm also up for suggestions on how to improve my current pages.

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