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So this is where I will be listing games; favorites, played a lot, and well any other honorable mentions. I may be breaking these up into tables, not sure yet, more to come. Still thinking of how I want to layout this page. I will probably go into some detail about these games and share some of my experiences with them, so this may be a bit of work. I'm going to try to link a rating site for these or possibly Wikia page. May be something I have to finish at a later time. I can at least input the info and get the links later, when I do get the links though I will probably put the links in the names. The game rating that I get from the web will probably be from Wikipedia for now. Also if a game has different scores for different consoles I will give the highest score between the platforms. The ratings I get is an average of some companies who rated the games.

Favorite FPS Games
Namegenremy ratingplatform:ratingplatformsdevelopersyear released
DestinyAction Role Playing FPSbefore Taken King:35
after TK:82
PS4:76xbox 360, xbone, PS3, PS4Bungie2014
BioShockFPS75X360/PC:96PC, 360,
Xbone,PS3, PS4
2K Games2007
BulletstormFPS78360:84PC, 360, PS3People Can Fly2011
Payday 2FPS/Stealth75PC:79PC,XBone
360, PS3, PS4
Overkill Software2013

So I decided that I would keep these tables short, ~5 games per table, some franchises will also get their own tables. I decided to start this table off with Destiny; I got this game at the midnight release when it first came out for the Xbox 360. I was pretty disappointed with the release version of this game and didn't play it again until the Take King came out. I had played the release version for maybe a week and had completed everything a few times. For both release and the Taken King versions I started with the Hunter class mainly because of the capes. I have always liked capes since I was a child, not to sure why, I just have and I knew they had no effect in the gameplay. I picked a Titan second in release version but never got far with it and picked Warlock second in the Taken King. I picked Warlock because at that time the Electric sub class was a little over-powered and knew it would come in handy with Multiplayer because I'm a pleb. So with the sub classes in release being what they were, that had a small take on me starting with the Hunter. There are a few reasons that I prefer to play as the hunter over the other 2 classes, between the capes, the jump, and I even preferred the hunter subclasses that came with release. Wasn't a huge fan of the other subclasses. Even though I didn't really care for Blade Dancer I became very fond of Gunslinger. I wouldn't really use my specials all that often, I just used them when I had a chance and often times just wasted them, Still to this day I haven't fully leveled up my Blade Dancer class but when I start back up I'll be sure to finish it up. After I finished the Taken King on hard difficulty is about the time I started taking multiplayer a little more seriously. I decided that I would try to do the feats and try to earn the Grimoire. At this time I went on a quest to look for Ghosts and at the time I finished every planet except for a couple but with RoI coming I'm sure they added new locations so I will have to do a new sweep if that's the case. I haven't yet been able to get to all the multiplayer maps and I believe some have been retired, sadly I may never get to get to all those maps, however some of the new ones can hopefully make up for it. As of right now my grimoire is 4390 which isn't a bad number but I have seen plenty of people with much higher score. While I do know this game really needs a lore patch, I actually haven't been this intrigued and so fascinated with this lore. Some of the lore that I am lacking however is the exotics, I am missing a lot of exotics both armor and weapons. Some of the year one exotics brought to year 2 I have only received in year 2 so I didn't get the grimoire from year 1, but eventually I'll try to grind out at least most of them. so with the hunter jump, I personally think it's the easiest to control, it's not best for distance or height Warlock and Titan have them beat respectfully, it's just easiest to control and don't exactly have to worry about height being a factor as you can just jump to break your fall and basically instantly have a second to think of where you are landing. It can also help if you barely miss your ledge and get a slight boost onto the ledge. Warlock and Titan jumps do have their perks as well; they can come in handy in combat more than a hunter. Those 2 you can have a gliding motion and not fall for a few seconds to throw off your enemies where the hunter doesn't have that. The Titan I believe has slightly better height, while warlock has better distance to the jumps however if the titan uses the shoulder charge move it can make them go faster and I see a lot of people use it, especially on the platforming areas. So I won't talk to much more about this as I need to move on to the other games however I may add some more into this paragraph as time goes on and more content is made. I may even decide to make some games have their own pages strictly dedicated to that franchise, but until then, this will have to do.


I know I gave this a lower rating than most people probably would however I'm going on what I have played so far and what I remember of it. I have only played the first game and got most of the way through it and then took a break and forgot most of the story. I may not talk about these games as much as destiny as I just haven't played them nearly as much. What really got me into this game was the art style. I had seen my cousin play this when I was younger when it first came and honestly the Big Daddies scared me so for a while I didn't want to play it. I had decided to play it because at the time releases were slow and I was getting tired of Destiny and decided to pick it up. I love the art style and decided to give it a try. That first ride going from the lighthouse to Rapture was amazing and made me want to continue to learn the story. a few minutes into the game you meet your first Big Daddy who throws someone through a window and well now there is only a broken window between you and the Big Daddy at first I didn't know if I should run or not but I figured well I might as well stay and see if its hostile. It looked at me then walked off so I didn't quite understand what was going on at the time. As I progressed through the game I realized that the Big Daddies only cared about the Sisters. Most of the Splicers in the game were pretty easy to kill but some were just a pain in the ass. I didn't really mess with the Big Daddies all that much as I decided to keep all the sisters alive so that I could get the good ending. While that made a little easier in spots to get through since I wasn't worrying about the Big Daddies most of the time it didn't help set me up for an easy boss battle. The final boss I don't remember being too hard though. I did die a few times trying to learn the mechanics. I didn't have a whole lot of health so a few shots took me down, that was the only hard part was not getting hit the few times. Most of the time it wasn't really too hard but he liked to hide behind stuff so it was hard to get hits on him. I don't remember too much of this game but I know the story is a bit lacking however the gameplay is very fun and sometimes challenging. If you haven't played it, I would recommend it.


Bulletstorm was a pretty fun game, the only thing I had against it was that it felt really short and I wanted more, that may have been because I just had that much fun with it though. I've played through it a few times both single player and co-op. I liked the experience being like a non-serious GoW style game. It had some funny trick shots and you could do some pretty ridiculous things with the leash and kicks. I once actually kicked about 10 enemies into the same wall and it looked disgusting but it was fun. This is a game that didn't do nearly as good as it should've and I blame that partly on how it was advertised and released. I never heard of it until it released and I believe it just didn't get the attention it deserved. It was a very well made game and I had hoped for a second game but the sequel got cancelled due to the lack of money, the company didn't make back the money from this game and it's sad especially with the good score it got by critics. There are some parts where the game is very comical and pretty funny and if you haven't already go check it out, it is really worth giving it a shot. If you like doing trick shots and getting points or kicking enemies into spikes or even just hearing funny dialogue, this may be your type of game. It has similar art style to Gears of War, you do get guns, you can kick enemies off cliffs or into spikes or even other people, and you can throw people into spikes off cliffs or even into man-eating plants. Most of the skill shots are easy to come by and normal shots like headshot and so on however some of the more funny ones are awesome, I won't spoil them but they can be easy to come by if you know what to look for.

Payday 2

Payday 2 for me, I haven't played all that much and was something to pass time while releases were slow. I'm still a pretty low level in it but enough experience to know what to do... most of the time. I would usually only play with randoms but that was really all that was needed to get the jobs done. I beat most of the objectives but sometimes RNG god would rain upon us to many enemies at once and one by one we would die. Probably one of the funniest jobs was one in a mall, I only remember bits and pieces but one of the players set off the alarm and the swat came in and he was just walking down the walk ways annihilating them with an AK. I have a few friends that play but we just all have different schedules so it's hard to get a team together to play. There have been a couple jobs I've done a few times and some I've done once and a bunch I still have yet to do but I'm sure I'll get to playing it again soon.

So I know I rated Bioshock pretty low compared to the Critics and I blame that on myself for taking the break I did, I didn't remember all of the story when I came back to it which hindered my experience with it. It isn't really something I plan to play again though I do need to complete the other 2. I had started the second one right after I completed the first one but I just wasn't feeling it, so I'm sure I'll get around to them eventually. Payday 2 I just haven't played it much so I'm rating it based on the little bit I have so when I get deeper into the game the rating may change. Bulletstorm was given a lower ranking primarily due to how short the campaign was, I never had a chance to play online so I'm not including that in the ranking. I loved every minute of BulletStorm and I really recommend that game. Between the awesome combat mechanics and comedy to the game, those aspects bring it up but don't quite make up for the length of the campaign. Destiny I know I actually gave a higher ranking and this is still being thought about in my head. I may bump it down a few points. I know it has a very narrow but passionate audience. You have to be willing to grind for gear and be able to play missions and quests over and over again to get that roll for the best armor/weapon. Most people are turned off by this aspect however if you like these mechanics I would suggest trying the game out. If you have a PS4 I may even try to help level you up as well. Normally I would rank it higher however the biggest fault with this game is the lore and everyone including the developers know that. This game has probably more lore built around it than most trilogies and that is a hell of a feat but about 95% won't be seen in the game. Instead you have to go into the destiny companion app to see the lore in what are called Grimoire cards. I would totally ok if this was an option in the game itself but having to reference something outside game is well in my opinion it is dumb. I know that with all that lore it would be a lot of data but if they could get a team to provide a submenu or even a terminal on the tower that would be amazing and I believe so many more people would be willing to go out and dig up little details about the lore but instead you have to go to the app or to YouTube and reference other YouTubers who have taken the time to dig up those details. So while I do believe this game is amazing and still continues to surprise us with other events and DLC there are some things that the developers could do to rapidly improve the overall game.

NameGenreMy RatingPlatform:RatingPlatformsDevelopersYear Released
Halo WarsRTS80360:82Xbox 360Ensemble Studios2009
Halo:ReachFPS90360:92Xbox 360Bungie2010
Halo 2FPS92360:95Xbox/PCBungie2004
Halo 3:ODSTFPS75360:83Xbox 360Bungie2009
Halo 3FPS93360:94Xbox 360Bungie2007
Halo 4FPS85Xbone:87Xbox 360
343 Industries2012
Halo 5FPS90Xbone:84Xbone343 Industries2015


So I decided to put this list in chronological order as to when the story happened instead of in order of when they were released and I will probably continue that with the others as well. I only listed the ones I have played however later down the line I may be adding the rest of the games as well. I didn't include MCC or anniversary due to them basically being a re-release and with the way MCC released it was not good. Also I may be leaving this into one paragraph or only have a couple paragraphs for tables that hold one series so let's get into it. The first Halo game I started with was Halo 2 and this was a series that my cousin showed me. I had watched him play through a few levels and he allowed me to play and I was at the time complete trash so he decided to help me through the campaign. By the end of the game with me being totally confused at what was going on he decided to let me play the first game. I fell in love with the series after the first mission I made. I was horrible at it but I wanted to know what happened. The first game did help show me who the covenant were and why they were relevant. After I beat the first game we decided to go on the second game again and see what fun stuff we could do like getting outside of maps and stuff. I was horrible with grenade jumping so the spots that required it I would have him do it. Still horrible to this day with it but I'll figure it out. For Halo 3 we got into Multiplayer some and another one of my cousins decided to play around in forge and made a pretty cool "Hot Wheels" track on Sandbox. He had made a couple other games like the game where there is one zombie with a sniper and the others race to get to the finish to kill the zombies. We would also go into multiplayer maps and play infection and play hide and seek, we played on Rat's Nest a lot and would jump on the A/C tubes to hide and for the most part would be successful, at least until we learned how to jump on the lights, then we decided to ban those areas due to it not being totally fair for the zombies. ODST was fun and I loved the story but I felt it was a little bit short but nothing to really affect the overall score. The investigative approach was a cool change from the normal Halo feel and well the whole ODST play style in general. Being able to see what the other teammates went through while your character was knocked out was pretty cool and is a bunch of action packed into one day and it was cool being able to play as the rookie and doing the last mission with the teammates themselves. Halo Reach was actually one of my favorite halo games against popular opinion. A lot of people told me they didn't like it but the thing I loved most was Forge. I believe the overhaul they did to this game's Forge compared to Halo 3 was incredible and I made quite a few maps. Mainly racing and running maps but I made a few mini games as well. I don't think I ever really came up with any ideas but I created mini games that were already thought of I just created my own map instead of trying to find them. I had made ~20-30 racing maps mainly obstacle course like with mazes and stuff because I was never really good with making the hot wheels type tracks. With the racing and running maps I tried to incorporate the entire map and typically made the hangar section as a maze or as the starting section. Reach was also the game I did my best in multiplayer as well. I got into a few tournaments, won some and lost some, but Halo now I haven't played much so I'm not nearly as good and with me not being as into shooters I may not get as good as I once was sadly. The campaign was good though I never got the solo achievement for legendary. I could never get past exodus by myself. When Halo 4 came out I was really excited that a new trilogy was coming however disappointed to find out what happened to Cortana and with the story of Halo 5 I really don't know how I feel about it. Cortana has become a God and pretty much turned against Chief who disobeyed orders to find her. The concept of having 2 teams again like Halo 2 did kind of reminded me of the gameplay of Halo 2 and I did like it. I also thought it was funny in the cut scene where Chief kicked Locke's ass but the best scene for me was walking down that walkway and all of the Guardians popping up. It was pretty crazy and an amazing sight. I actually want to go through the game and replay it but that will have to wait. I may actually go through and play all the games I have again including halo wars to prepare for halo wars 2.

I got into Halo Wars pretty late. I didn't get to play it when It was popular when I got on multiplayer there only about 10 people online so it was pretty much dead at the time and I'm unable to include multiplayer into the rating. The campaign though seemed a little short as did Halo Reach however Halo Wars also had a few bugs that would sometimes break the game. However other than those negative points the game was really fun. By the end of the game I had hoped for another mission or two I was satisfied with what it was. I found it fun exploring the maps and being so powerful that I could send a quarter of my army and destroy a covenant base. I did take my time with the missions instead of trying to beat them at the earliest I could just to make sure I had enough power instead of going and finding out that I had just under the amount needed and the enemy build back before I could attack again. My main reasons for having an 80 instead of in the 90's, is due to the few bugs I did encounter and the Shortness of the Campaign. Halo Reach in my opinion had the potential to be a 100 but I had the same feeling as halo wars, I did encounter a few bugs and campaign just short of what I wanted. I will say that the door glitch on Nightfall was a bad thing to have however it was like a necessary evil for some less skilled players like myself. I will admit that I did use it however that was only on LASO and the timed challenges. Most of the time the enemies would spawn in after glitching through the door but I never figured out the few times we triggered it to not spawn anything, it was so bizarre. There were a few other glitches such as falling through maps, very odd enemy placement, enemies not spawning as they should and the out of bounds/under water glitch in Forge World. The Forge World glitches actually made for some very fun maps though and I used the underwater glitch for a few maps and used out of bounds areas for some racing maps. Halo and Halo 2 I don't remember really anything bad and were very amazing games. The map in the storm where you have to destroy the pillars to release the bottom half of the map into the storm I once had a glitch where a pillar broke but then immediately reformed and became unbreakable. I had to restart the level to fix it but that is really the only thing I remember off the top of my head. Being able to get out of the maps and skipping big parts of the levels was pretty fun for me being able to see just how far worlds go and how far the developers are willing to make the levels go just for scenery. I actually found in a map in a city where Johnson drops troops off then leaves I climbed on it one time and it kicked my cousin off when it started to leave and would usually do the same to me but I actually stayed with it and it flew behind the map then started doing flips and it was funny because my Cousin had never been able to do it and he was so confused and we explored for about an hour outside of the map before I fell through. Halo 3 and 4 I played quite a bit of but nothing to really report they are both very great games. Halo 5 I never had a chance to play a lot I actually only played the campaign once so I made the score based on just the campaign, and I actually loved it. I don't quite like how Cortana was acting but the story had to go somewhere. If Cortana actually does leave the series, which I don't want to happen I love Cortana, I do want to see another Female AI just because I like the Female Voice but that's my opinion. I think that the Halo series itself is starting to die down but I've also felt that the FPS genre has slowly been losing its audience but it will come back as the times change.

Twisted Metal
NameGenreMy RatingPlatform:RatingPlatformsDevelopersYear Released
Twisted MetalVehicular Combat78PS:67PS/PCSony/SingleTrac1995
Twisted Metal 2Vehicular Combat82PS:86PS/PCSony/SingleTrac1996
Twisted Metal 3Vehicular Combat75PS:49PS2989 Studios1998
Twisted Metal 4Vehicular Combat80PS:68PS2989 Studios1999
Twisted Metal:BlackVehicular Combat82PS2:88PS2/PS3/PS4989 Studios2001
Twisted Metal:Small BrawlVehicular Combat85PS:57PSIncognito Entertainment2001

I decided to spend some time on YouTube and look up the stories for these games. While they don't really pass on from one game to the next a couple characters do. The 3 main characters that pass on from game to game are; calypso, sweet tooth, and Mr. Grimm. Calypso is the evil Genius behind Twisted Metal (AKA High Octane) other than Calypso saying Thank you for playing Twisted Metal after granting wishes it is never called Twisted Metal in the game. in the First game it's called High Octane. Sweet Tooth is actually a serial killer. He worked or owned for an ice cream truck company named sweet tooth. Needles is Sweet Tooth however Marcus was the one who was the ice cream man. Needles is like another personality that took over and killed. Needles killed a lot and made Marcus' family his first victims. 2 people lived that night, Marcus' son and daughter. Needles did cut his son but his son lived. While trying to kill his daughter, she got a pair of scissors and stabbed him in the eye. She was put into a mental institute for a while however it didn't help and right after she got out she killed herself. Also right after she left the mental hospital Needles arrived to kill her but he was too late. He searched for her but could not find her so he joined Twisted Metal so that Calypso could bring him to her. Once he won he was teleported to her grave which was now spray painted with his name. After Sweet Tooth died 2 things happened. 1 his son dug up the grave to get the mask to take on his legacy and kill Calypso and Calypso also revived the Daughter to fight for Calypso since anyone that Calypso revives is loyal to him. This was story from the 2012 version. the endings for Sweet tooth is different every time as sometime between 3 and 4 Sweet Tooth actually gains the power and Calypso plays in 4 to gain the power back. The story of Mr. Grimm I believe varies slightly but in the 2012 version it is actually his son trying to go back to save his father from dying. The real Mr. Grimm was a stunt performer and in his last stunt his head exploded while jumping vehicles and died. The main point of Calypso is his power has the power to grant any one wish no matter the cost, or even reality of the wish however it is limited. It's mentioned that he can't wish stuff such as bringing his own daughter back to life unless she wished it. With each member that dies in the tournament he is able to trap their soul and become stronger. A few other reoccurring characters would be Minion, who is fighting to get his power back from Calypso. Axel is another character who makes many appearances, the lore behind him is that his dad experimented on him and in order to teach Axel a lesson he was trapped into a machine by his arms and is unable to get out. The only way out would be to rip off his arms. I don't have a whole lot as it's been so long since I played any of these games.

I'll admit that I don't remember these games as much as I'd like and some kind of blur together since it has been so long since I have played these games however I'll leave the ratings as they are. As a kid, I'm not sure why and this may be a bit creepy, I always picked Sweet Tooth. I didn't know the story behind him or anything I just liked the Face and his laugh. Plus he had some awesome specials in some games. I always picked him and would occasionally play other characters but he was my main pick. The first 4 games I did have a lot of fun with and played many times. I'm actually not too sure why they got as low of ratings as they did from critics, while yes there were some bugs and little story however the gameplay was very fun. Black I only played once or twice and I did run into a couple bugs. Small Brawl, while being a spin off I loved it and played the hell out of it. Back then I knew every part of every map and knew where most of the weapons were. They were very good games all together. Some were buggy but that's bound to happen with every game.

Need for Speed **Note to save space I will leave NFS out of the boxes below**
NameGenreMy RatingPlatform:RatingPlatformsDevelopersYear Released
Porsche UnleashedRacing70PC:84PC/PS/GBAEden Studios/EA2000
Hot Pursuit 2Racing73PS2:89GC/PS2/Xbox/PCEA2002
Underground 2Racing89Xbox:83PC/GBA/Xbox/PS2/DS
Most Wanted(2005)Racing92360:83DS/PC/360
EA/Sensory Sweep Studios2005
Pro StreetRacing82DS:74PS3/PS2/PSP/Wii
EA/Exient Entertainment2008
NitroRacing60Wii:73Wii/DSFirebrand Games/EA2009
WorldMMORG70PC:63PCQuicklime Games/EA2010
Hot PursuitRacing77PS3:89PC/PS3/Wii
Criterion Games/EA2010
The RunRacing72PC:69PC/360/PS3
EA/Firebrand Games2011
Ghost/Critereon Games2013
Need for Speed(2015)Racing78PC:68PC/PS4/XboneGhost Games2015

So this is a series that is a very personal favorite of mine. I'm not as quite as good of a racer as I used to be but I do still play racing games. Need for Speed has pretty much always been my favorite racing series with Forza and Midnight Club being honorable mentions for great racing series. I started my nfs career with Porsche Unleashed. At first I like it but it quickly came to a halt when I experienced a bug near the end of a race and fell through the map. I remember being so upset that I rage quit the game. And that's really all I remember of the game. Hot Pursuit 2 was the first game I owned in the series. I played this so much and a friend and I would play around on some tracks and do a little role play around the tracks and mess with the cops. Many fond memories of this game, the last few races were very hard though and some events I barely beat and took me forever. Underground and Underground 2 I fell in love with and with the Fast and the Furious movies they both made me fall in love with the Import Scene. Still to this Day these are a couple of my favorite racing games and I would love for this to be visited again with all the crazy customization that could happen on new gen consoles. These games also got me into the drifting. While I'm not a whole lot into drifting I do watch it sometimes and a good drift can impress me. Most Wanted (2005) and Carbon are my hands down favorite racing games. I played these games so much it wasn't even funny. I loved everything about these games and have my favorite memories of any racing games. To me the series just hasn't been the same and I'm hoping it changes soon. These 2 games to me is like final fantasy 7 to old FF gamers, which I will talk about below. Pro Street I never knew until I got it that it got away from street racing and went to Track/Closed road racing. When I found this out it disappointed me and I almost quit, but I decided to play and I'm glad I did. It was fun, yes, however I missed the other games. I finished it and had started a second playthrough but I never finished that. My next 2 games I was very disappointed with. Undercover tried going back to Most Wanted and Carbon and did look similar but the Physics were kind of fucked up and were way too drifty. You would go drift around a corner and not even try and it would slow you down majorly. Nitro I would say wasn't a bad game but it was very different and I just didn't have a feel for it. It didn't feel like Need for Speed at all but it is good for what it was. World was awesome when I played which sadly was way after it came out and was dying off. But it had the physics and looks of Most Wanted and Carbon which I loved and I did amazing but my time with it was very limited and while doing this research I seen that it was shut down last year. Hot Pursuit I was very upset with. For the first time I actually returned a Need for Speed game and it was the day after launch. Before the Run came out I thought about getting it again but decided not to. The Run I was kind of upset with too and I played it for a week then quit for a month or 2 then picked it up for a couple days then never really played it again. I beat it and got half way through on the hardest difficulty but the Ice map I just couldn't quite beat the time. The Need for Speed movie actually shares a lot of story elements with this game and the movie was actually pretty good. Not as good as I expected though. I would love to see a most wanted Movie. Multiplayer wasn't too bad however a lot of the people would try to wreck you instead of using real skill to beat you. Rivals was fun for a while however after a couple months it got old and I quit. Need for Speed 2015 I played the story and I really liked the story but it did feel a bit short. I wanted it to keep going.

Final Fantasy
NameGenreMy RatingPlatform:RatingPlatformsDevelopersYear Released
FF 8RPG78PS:90PS/PCSquare1999
FF 10RPG84PS2:92PS2SquareSoft2001
FF 13RPG88PS3:84PS3/360/PC
Square Enix2009

Final Fantasy I haven't played a whole lot of them however they are what got me into RPG games, that and Kingdom Hearts. I've only played 4 main installments and only finished 2. I never really got to play 7 or 8 as a kid and only have them on Steam. X was the first one I played and first one I completed. XIII is currently my favorite volume. XIII was the last one of the volume that I completed. I 100% the other 2 games but it took me 3 playthroughs to get through it because I would just get bored. Currently XIII-2 is my favorite out of them all. XIII was very linear for the first 10 chapters however that didn't bother me all that much. I like to be able to see progress and I'm not a huge fan of a lot of back tracking. I know that in Gran Pulse, the Archylte Steppe, you didn't have to do a lot of backtracking, unless you wanted to do all the Ceith stone missions, in which case had a lot of back tracking. Lightning was my favorite character but I know at end game she isn't really all that great, I beleive I had Fang, Hope and Vanille as my end game team. With FF X my favorite team was Auron, Tidus and Wakka with a switch for Rikku to steal or make items, and Lulu for the dark magic. I played X-2 for a little bit but back then the whole garment grid thing confused me and I got stuck so I stopped playing it. I could probably beat it now however I've watched a full playthough of this game so I know the story. The thing about Lightning's return and her having the clothes make the difference it didn't really bother me as it wasn't changed during battles to be able to do different magic, at least not like X-2. I did see my cousin play some bits and pieces of 7 and 8 and I've looked up what the stories are about but since I haven't played through them both all the way I will shy away from talking about them until I can play.

FF VII and VIII are based on the little gameplay I've had and what I've reviewed and watched online, the others are based on my own experience. X I had a lot of fun with but I didn't like Seymour at all. He was annoying and very much a pain fighting over and over as well as Barthandelus from XIII; they both are reocurring bosses and have very cheap moves. With 13 I like that they brought back the gunblade and do hope it returns again soon. I don't remember if it will be in XV at all but I would like to see it, I like the concept of the gunblade a lot.

Super Smash Bros.
NameGenreMy RatingPlatform:RatingPlatformsDevelopersYear Released
Super Smash Bros.Fighting86N64:79N64Hal Laboratory1999
MeleeFighting88GC:92GCHal Laboratory2001
3DS/Wii-UFighting84Wii-U:923DS/Wii-USora Ltd./Bandai Namco2014

SSB has been a long running favorite of mine as it combines some of the best video game series characters all mashed up into one and has some pretty fun mini games as well. Whether you're fighting as hard as you can or trying to make special challenges such as only pokeballs or only explosives, etc. the game can become very fun. In the 64 version I had finished every character's target practice except for one but I don't remember who it was. I had completed most of the platform trials as well. My friend and I every once in awhile would set our lives up very high, start with max percent and turn up the strength power and set the game with max spawn rate for explosive only and have a hilarious match. With nearly every hit being a kill strike, the games go pretty quickly even with 99 lives. Melee would always be fun doing that as well and I was never really that great with the sand bag game. I got just over 1k feet but that was with fox and using the laser pistol till the last second to give a lot of damage. we used to go to great bay and get small characters and just throw items at other to try to knock each other off the bottom platforms and we tended to throw stuff over each other at the same time or cause stuff to barely miss each other. I actually prefer to go through the story modes instead of going just from fight to fight, it feels more like a Mario game that way and is more fun in my opinion, plus I would be able to collect more trophies that way. The 3DS/Wii U version has been pretty fun and I've been having Corrin as my main just because of the move set. Robyn and Marth I've been ok with but not as good at SSB as I used to be. They did patch Corrin since I last used him but the patch didn't really change to much with how I use him.

While I have had quite a bit of play time with these games, I think that since they don't catch my interest as much as they used to that it may have affected my rating a little. If I were to choose a favorite I would have to say it is Melee. This one is commonly a favorite mainly because of the mechanics and maps and it is the same with me. The physics could have been improved a bit but they were pretty good. Marth and Link were really good characters for me to use and I would use Pichu to mess around in the battles. I do like the idea as well of there being 2 Master Hands instead of just one and makes it a lot more challenging.

NameGenreMy RatingPlatform:RatingPlatformsDevelopersYear Released
Sim City 3000City-Building70N/APC/MobileMaxis1999
Sim City 4City-Building80PC:85PCMaxis2003
Sim City (2013)City-Building69PC:64PCMaxis2013

Sim City is a favorite from back in my childhood. My Dad introduced it to me and it took me a while to get into because at the time I believe I was too little to understand it. I went back to it a year or two later and I like it but I actually wasn't all that thrilled about it but enough to be able to play it for hours on end. When Sim City 4 came out my dad showed me what could be done with it and I mainly fell in love with being able to play and use the vehicles. I loved doing the missions and most of the time he let me do them. I do still play this game every once in awhile and probably my favorite thing that the most recent one lacked was being able to have varying map sizes and build huge cities in one map. I hadn't cared so much for the new one (2013) however it wasn't all that bad once they got the servers stable. The thing that had bothered me most was that most areas were very small and I know that is how it was intended but I think there should have been an option to link a couple of the areas together to build one massive city. While the spaces were small they were meant to be built to specialize in things like industrial, tourism, or a few other things unlike in Sim City 4 where the cities would have everything and needed to be planned accordingly.

My favorite Sim City game is Sim City 4 for a few reasons. I liket he missions and the vast difference in map sizes. It's nice to get a chance to take a break from the building and managing and drive around or even fly around. It has the free drive or free fly modes where you don't have to be in a mission just go do what you want. While the 2013 version did suffer a horrible launch with major server issues after the couple weeks it took to fix those issues were resolved the game was still a bit buggy and had some times where the game would crash. The traffic was bugged and would get stuck a lot and the patch for that was for the traffic to just disappear which was a fix yes but not a good fix. I do really enjoy some mechanics like how the wind takes effect and how you can mine or dig for resources like ore and oil and make great revenues off of them. I also really like the road free forming tools and guides as they can help make non-grid patterned cities.

Honorable Mentions
NameGenreMy RatingPlatform:RatingPlatformsDevelopersYear Released
Kingdom HeartsRPG85PS2:86PS2Square2002
Kingdom Hearts 2RPG90PS2:87PS2Square Enix2006
Roller Coaster TycoonSimulation85PC:87PC/XboxTom Sawyer Productions1999

I will eventually be expanding this table into 2 separate table but decided to keep them together for a couple reasons; I haven't played enough of the KH games to make a table as I've played 1, 2, and a tiny bit of 358/2 Days. For now I'm also going to talk about the Roller Coaster Tycoon games as a franchise because I have played all but the 3D version. KH I played at my cousins house, I had seen him play It and seen a couple worlds and told I wanted to play. He let me play and by the end of Traverse Town I fell in love. I loved how it was a clash of favorite final fantasy and Disney characters all in one game. And I loved the idea of the Gummi Ship. I've watched play throughs of BBS and CoM but haven't looked all the way through 3D and Coded but since 1.5 and 2.5 will be coming to PS4 I will be getting them as well as KH3 when it comes out and probably 2.8 as well. I do have a few favorite fights between them, mainly in the second game but I love the fight with Leon and Yuffie, Cerberus, Sephiroth, the 1000 heartless battle and the ending battles in both games. Roller Coaster Tycoon was a childhood favorite and I do think that the first is still the best however I haven't played World a lot so I'm not sure on that one. the first and second played, for the most part, the same however there were some major differences including what guests would and would not ride. Guests were less likely to ride as intense of rides as in the first one there for I couldn't make as cool of roller coasters and kinda was sad. I didn't really care for 3 all that much as it was more of just trying to figure out which rides to build and how to build them as I seen that sometimes in parks guests would ride a rating for a roller coaster in a certain park but not others and I never really understood why. 4, while it was an ok mobile game the wait times to play the game and small amount of content just didn't seem like a Roller Coaster Tycoon game and back then I honestly thought it was a rip off or spin off of the series. World I still need to play more to really understand it but I have played it a bit and sometimes the controls are very wonky and do mess up sometime and I end up put bumps in the track sometimes and break the Roller Coaster however other than that I haven't really had to many problems with it.

So the first 2 KH games I don't really have any complaints about. The thing about the series that I was upset about was them having BBS as a teaser for KH3 then porting it to handheld only. Due to me being young I didn't have a chance to get the handheld games and eventually moved on to other franchises. I thought about getting a PS3 just for this franchise but decided against it as it didn't get any main installments only remixes and I'm glad I didn't since those remixes will be coming to the PS4. Roller Coaster Tycoon I pretty much already told my negatives about the games and how I love the first game and have slowly been working on completing all the parks on first one however it is taking awhile as I only do it in my off time and have been playing other games but I will play it again sometime soon.

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