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Places I want to go

There are A few Places I want to go but 2 main places I want to visit. These are actually pretty popular and most people want to visit these places. The place I want to visit most, due to my love for gaming and Anime is Japan. The second is the UK due to well the UK is amazing and I love the accents, the people are awesome and I have a few friends who live in England.


I've wanted to go to England and visit since I was a kid. It would be awesome and I wouldn't even have to learn a new language, new slang and learning the heavy accents yes, but not a completely new language. I have some friends online from various sites that live in many countries and a few in England as well. I watch a few British streamers as well and am very excited that I will go. It'll still be a few years but I will get there. I may not be able to stay very long, maybe only a couple weeks, but I would consider moving there. One of the main reasons I would like to move there is because of how easy it is to travel across Europe and I would love to visit quite a few places like Italy and Germany.


Japan is a dream vacation for many people. I would like to live there but I doubt that would ever happen. I would like to go there and explore for months on end but that would never be able to happen however if I was rich I would travel all across japan. I just recently am starting to learn Japanese and am looking for free mobile apps to help. I've learned a few words but nothing to really be able to make good conversation with or really conversation at all. I know that when I do go I want to get a lot of anime and gaming souvenirs and I know it will cost a fortune. I want to get gaming stuff most especially Final Fantasy stuff, but I would love to be able to get anime stuff as well. I have a couple friends who live there and I would love to be able to meet them as well. There are some meals and restaurants that I would like to go to. I'll have to find where they are and check out what they serve but I would love to try the food. I heard there are vending machines everywhere however I'm not sure if there are benches everywhere as well, I wonder because I was told that it's rude to eat and walk but I'm not sure.

So I would like to attend some events at both places, perhaps conventions; for anime or games, or maybe even concerts. I would love to see a Miku Hatsune concert but there are some cool bands from both areas. I want to travel during both places not just staying in one area but that's a given. While it would be nice to to bring a group of friends when I go, I may not as I know it will slow my exploration down depending how much time I have for everything. If I have a lot of time to explore where I go I would probably bring friends but more likely will be moving a lot to keep up on exploring a lot. We would most likely be staying in different places each night or every other night and most likely some days would be just travelling to other places.

A Co-Worker of mine has planned a trip in some places around Europe for a total of 60 days with 10-15 destinations. It's a pretty solid vacation and I may take this as a vacation as well with a few modifications but never the less it is very well thought out. England is still a seperate vacation that I would like to take to just go and travel around England so this Euro-trip may be a third vacation that I do in the future.

I would love to get a gopro for the trips that I take however I know they are expensive to get but I also know they are easy to use. I dont need all the features just the basics video capturing and being able to pull the videos for editing which I know I could use most video recorders for this but I do want some good quality videos.