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this is the page I'm keeping pretty open. This can be about anything; possible future projects I may try on this site, thoughts of games, anime, shows, etc. on my guestbook people can suggest ideas so go check it out and let me know you stopped by.

11-19-2016: So today is my last day on 12 hour shifts. i start back tomorrow on my normal 10 hour shift. Site is almost complete need to tweak a few things. I have learned a little Japanese and have been paying more attention to anime to see what they say try to pick up a few things. stuff like ohayo konnichiwa and konbanwa. Baka was my first japanese word I learned, from midnight club 2. Arigato, sensei, senpai stuff like that. I am still working on the katakana and hiragana so I haven't learned many words yet.

11-26-2016: So I finished Your Lie in April last night and it was actually pretty sad. May have had more of an impact with me since I've had a similar situation but still sad. I wish there were more seasons of Akime ga Kill and Fate Stay Night though. these are pretty good animes and I suggest checking them out if you havent already. but other than this theres no real update. Same shit, different day.

11-28-2016: Pretty slow day at work so im watching a ff12 playthrough. Going to be going back through codecademy and going over all the html and css stuff again refresh myself on everything. i just have a headache today so dont feel like doing it right now. maybe later.

11-30-2016: Downloaded the new No Mans Sky update yesterday and played around with it a little but need more time before I can really judge the new update. I started building but realized the moon I was on was full of hostile drones. I killed one and another would arrive as soon as I start building so that annoyed me to no end so I figured I would go to a different planet and start building and the planet I just arrived to said it had a place to build so I will play some more tonight.

11-30-2016: So I've been thinking of the team that I want to get for Pokemon Moon and I'm not sure at all what I want but I will eep looking. will update the team I get when I finally figure it out.

11-30-2016: have a couple ideas for more pages and will start building my pages offline then add them as I finish them but will not announce them until I finish them and release them. They will both be pages that get updates so I will add them to the update section when they get released.

12-2-2016: the playing of No Mans Sky update is greatly being hindered as my Pokemon Moon finally arrived. but when I get a good update on my progress It will be noted.

12-2-2016: I will be adding an update archive page soon listing all past updates and I will only show the last 3 updates on the front page.

12-9-2016: Well it's been about a week since I have really updated anything and still have no updates. I've been looking alot into Planet Coaster however I cant get it yet sadly. My laptop can barely run the minimum requirements so I'll have to wait until I build a new PC. someday I'll get my coaster building going. I'll have to stick with RC until then. I have also been playing Pokemon the past few days. 42% on Pokedex and finishing up on Poni Island. I'm going to try to get the Pokedex finished though I know many Pokemon I get are just for the entries then trade back. I'm not up for trying to have one of every single pokemon. I do have a few not in the Alola dex though. Other than these I have no real update. kinda losing inspiration but I'll find stuff to do. Pokemon has kind of slowed me down on my Japanese learning and I havent been keeping up with it everyday like I was. oops. It's just kind of boring trying to learn the katakana and hiragana without learning actual words yet. Once I get to learning words and have the alphabet down itll be better and more interesting.